Da Souf Got


About US

Da Souf Got Sumpn to Say is a BLACK OWNED media  company dedicated to  providing  Hip Hop coverage  from the southern perspective.  Although we are overly dedicated to the culture, we focus on  black excellence in all arenas. This includes sports, business,finance technology and much much more!


Down South Hip Hop influence  is deeply rooted at this point, hell we practically run the game.  However we still don’t seem to have a strong enough grip on media, but have no fear #DSGSTS IS HERE!


In “Da Souf”, we show love, give fun facts, while remembering all of the OGz and forgotten pioneers.  Nah  we won’t leave the youngins out, we’ll discuss the latest, greatest new artist you know and maybe haven’t discovered yet.  


Finally, this platform is one of integrity. We certainly do not shy away from of the top stories or current events. However,we do our best to provide a more positive, constructive POV.  


Thanks for dropping by and stay tuned cause…DA SOUF GOT SUMPN TO SAY!