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Ice Cube’s Letter to Black America

A lot has been happening around the world lately, with some of the issues carrying a lot of weight due to some of the world’s dark pasts. With the advancement in technology, it becomes easy for any news to reach all corners of the globe and attracting diverse views and opinions. One notable issue is the issue of racism that has attracted a lot of controversy over the last few months. The world was recently brought to the realization of how the vice has affected society, specifically the black community in America, Europe, as well as other ethnic minorities.

This was after the brutal murder of an African American, George Floyd, in the hands of a white police officer in Minneapolis, United States. The murder, which happened under the watch of other police officers and while the victim was handcuffed, was captured in a video recording that went viral, sparking nationwide protests in the process. The protesters, who are disguised under the umbrella ‘Black Lives Matter’, have attracted the actions of many people around the world, including celebrities.

The Involvement of Ice Cube

Various groups, organizations, and celebrities have come out in defense of the black community and other ethnic minorities, calling for the issue of racism to be addressed. One person is Ice Cube, an American rapper whose real name is O’shea Jackson. The talented rapper, who was born in Baldwin Hills, South Central Los Angeles in 1969, presented his grievance through a letter addressed to the black community via his twitter page.

Rapper Ice Cube called for more conversation with regard to the issue of racism both in America and other parts of the world that still is affected by racism. The open letter, termed as a contract with black people, went ahead to propose a series of actions the rapper thinks could help address the issue to the satisfaction of all parties.

More Opportunities and Representation for the Black Community

In his letter, the talented American rapper proposed some actions to address the inequality that has been felt by the black community through creating more opportunities for this ethnic minority. Below are his suggested solutions.

While Ice Cube agreed with the plans to give compensation to the descendants of former slaves, the black community, he suggested a change in the system used to implement the proposed reparations. This is to the effect that a commission should be formed to oversee the compensation to black people and that the payments should be disbursed within one year after the establishment of the commission.

He proposed a change in the teaching curriculum in Elementary school to include civil rights and anti-racism lessons, and the books used in school to reflect this. He also argued that these classes would have to be made mandatory.

The rapper called for affirmative action to be taken to address the poor representation of the black community. This is in all sectors including government departments, civil rights and investigative bodies.

Another proposed solution was affirmative action with regard to school enrollment for black students, which should meet or exceed the black population of 13.4%. In terms of national schools admitting students from various States, the rapper argued that a 25% enrollment for black kids would be good if the school takes a maximum of 30%. Additionally, he called for the same guidelines to be applied to both students and faculty.

In terms of voting rights, Ice Cube called for the creation of more polling stations in black areas to match their population. He cited that white communities have many polling stations compared to the few in black communities, which is a violation of the 1965 Voters Rights Act. He further called for the reformation of Gerrymandering that has the effect of making Districts to interfere with the involvement of black people in voting exercises.

The popular rapper also called for equality in the health sector, arguing that the black community is disadvantaged due to the inadequate health facilities present in their region. This does not reflect the number of hospitals found on white-owned communities. He stated that demographics were used to determine the offering of health services to the disadvantage of black people and that this should stop.

He further called for the recognition of Juneteenth as a public holiday. Juneteenth, also known as Freedom Day, is a day celebrated by the black community on the 19th of June every year to commemorate the abolition of slave trade.

Ice Cube’s Proposition to Financial Lending for Black People

In his letter, Ice Cube acknowledged the importance of capitalism, but only if black people are given equal opportunities like white people. He also talked about redlining of black communities as well as the Jewish community, who were previously denied loans by Banks and other financial institutions on the basis of the regions they come from.

Redlining has so far been illegalized in the United States. This was after the passing of the Fair Housing Act in 1968, which got a further boost in 1977 with the passing of the Community Reinvestment Act. However, Ice Cube claimed that the issue of redlining, despite being illegalized, is still practiced in the U.S. and it needs to stop. This has been proven by a number of studies showing that white communities are still favored by banks when seeking loans, compared to black people whose treatment has not changed even after abolishing redlining in 1969.


As stated earlier on in this article, Ice Cube’s letter to black America comes in the wake of a global conversation with regard to the issue of racism. A lot of people have advanced their opinions and suggestions in a bid to find a lasting solution to this issue. Like many others, the U.S. rapper has openly welcomed any suggestions and corrections to his proposed solutions that have been mentioned in this article. It is commendable that the rapper has used his authority as a celebrity to advocate for a cause that will change the lives of many


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