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Nipsey Hussle-How he Impacted his Community through Activism, Music, and Philanthropy

The hip hop industry has been growing in popularity for the last several years with new and entertaining music being released regularly thanks to the several artists coming into the scene every day. In all this, one thing is for sure-that hip hop fans have a strong affinity to their favorite artists, most of whom reciprocate this love and support in various ways.

To most artists, it’s not all about producing music and making money. Many hip hop artists are known to engage in various activities to support their fans and country. One of this is Nipsey Hussle who supported the youth and vulnerable groups in his hometown, Los Angeles, California through different community projects. Sadly, Nipsey Hussle was murdered on the 31st of March, 2019. However, his presence is still felt in many regions thanks to the rich legacy he left behind.

Who is Nipsey Hussle?

Nipsey Hussle is an American born and bred rapper, songwriter, activist, and entrepreneur. Going by his real name, Ermias Joseph Asghedom, the late rapper was born on 15th August 1985 in Crenshaw, Los Angeles, California, and grew up together with his brother and sister, Samuel and Samantha.

The talented rapper started out his music career in the early years of 2000 and was part of the West Coast hip hop group. With his dedication and passion for music, he came out into the limelight after releasing his first independently-produced mixtape in 2005, “Slauson Big Volume 1”, which saw him secure recording contracts with brands like Epic Records and Cinematic Music Group, and went on growing in fame and popularity ever since.

Rapper Nisley produced several tracks during his music career and worked with the big names in the hip hop industry including Drake and Snoop Dog. Most of his music was received well by hip hop fans with some of them hitting the top charts. Two of his latest songs, “Racks in the Middle” and “Higher”, did exceptionally well seeing him being nominated to the Grammy Awards and being awarded as the Best Rap Performance.

Nisley Hussle’s Legacy through Music and Business

Like many other people and artists, the American rapper had a dark past that was associated with poverty and crime. However, this did not stop him from pursuing his goal of having a successful career. This saw him dedicate his time and effort in his music and business. For him, it was not all about making more money and getting away from crime and poverty. He had the concerns of underprivileged people, in his home area of Crenshaw and beyond, at heart. This is evident through his music, businesses, and the things he did as an activist.

Marathon Clothing Store

One of the investment projects belonging to the American rapper was the Marathon Clothing Store that is located in Los Angeles. This was no typical clothing store but something the people associated with unity and hope. Being a black-owned clothing store, its purpose was more than offering clothing for the community of Los Angeles to buy but inspire the black community and other underprivileged groups that they too can make it in life. It was a symbol of hope for this group. 

The workers at the clothing store were not typical workers either. Most of the workers there were felons who had small chances of getting employment in other firms. For Nipsey Hussle, it wasn’t just about creating employment for this group, but reduce crime levels in his hometown.

Vector 90 STEM Center

Vector 90 is another project that shows the rapper’s commitment to serving his people and improving their lives. He established the Vector 90 project in 2018 as a science and technology center for youth and other vulnerable groups in his community. This center was helpful to many people thanks to the learning provided on matters science and technology. 

Apart from the lessons provided in the STEM center, working space was provided where more than one person could share a single space. The idea behind the establishment of the center by the Crenshaw-born rapper was to help disadvantaged youths who are talented by training them in science and technology and connecting them to potential employers. What’s more, the beneficiaries were not necessarily his fans or neither was the benefits limited to the people of Crenshaw.

How he Impacted People’s Lives through Activism

Nipsey Hussle didn’t just make music and invest in projects that helped his community, he also advocated for what is right and shunned evil. The fact that he worked with felons in his clothing store and work with known criminals served to make him appear as a criminal gang member himself. However, this was not true and his works and actions were a symbol of peace in his community and beyond.

On the contrary, the rapper and activist publicly condemned evil doings in his community. He is known to have denounced gun violence publicly through his music. To him, the peaceful living of the people in his community was his number one priority. His works, words, and actions do not, by any means, make him a perfect human being. However, he did his best to do what he had to do to make his community a better place to live in to all people, regardless of whether they were his supporting fans or not. 


There’s no doubt that Nipsey Hussle was a remarkable human being who did everything in his power to create a better society in his hometown of Crenshaw and beyond. The popular and talented rapper, who was shot and murdered in front of his Marathon Clothing Store on 31st March 2019, will be remembered for several years to come thanks to his philanthropy work and activism. He will remain in many people’s heart thanks to his amazing work that range from investment projects that targeted disadvantaged youths and groups to advocating for what is right and shunning evil doings through his music.

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